People-n-Pet Chip Implants
In size, microchip implants are like grains of brown rice, the more nutritious type.   Implants are an identification circuit conveniently placed under the skin.   New chips, like two-ray radios, send and receive signals.   Demand for them is expected to be really big. Read Microchips

Now, chips are easier to program than ever before.   From desktops, scanners and phone apps, send commands to chip receivers.   Some models dispense medicine, while others modify behavior to impart electrical shocks, like an invisible fence.

Guy counts rice-like chip implants.

To get under our skin, tech giants team up with veterinarians. To hasten (speed up) widespread adoption of implants for humans, as well as pets, vets are now able to inject them into humans. $50 gift cards may entice chip takers.

"It’s painless. We swab numbing gel (lidocaine) on you and an implant is popped in easy peasy," said Ron Keen laughing. Mr. Keen trains vets on "multi-purpose" chip implants and added, "It’s an upgrade from old RFID chips."

"When at a vet for pets, it’s a good time to think for yourself about an implant for you.   Repeat conditioning makes animals docile for masters," suggested Ron.

Feline identifying microchip
X-ray to see implant.

Fur is flying among wacky protesters with megaphones outside a box store that offers pet and people implants.   "Reject the chip. It’s a soul trap device," went the loud chants of Harry Burr, who denounces implants.

Chippers do not worry over protests. "It boosts business.   Folks see sense in getting chipped. It opens bank accounts, doors and more," said a store manager who did not give a name.

Opponents imagine and claim evil chips put a leash on souls to force reincarnation, deny nirvana and other awful outcomes. They feel if you do not learn history and how to think, tyrannical masters can take total control or worse.   ◆   Click to Close

Light Pollution Problems

Lots of money goes to pay for streetlights and yard lamps. It turns naturally dark, storytelling nights, into overexposed revelations of crass real estate projects, private schools, and empty shopping centers. See More - Pollution

It truly lights up the hell people mistakenly think this life represents. Ancient peoples, including our Native American families, worshiped the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.   Even the three wise men in bible times in the Arabian territory, wisely followed the lights under dark night covers.

Street Lights
Street lamps overnight the night sky.

Astrologers know how to read the messages, and not everyone listens. The dark skies initiative wants to darken things up a bit. "It will put the heavenly lights on our minds again," says Reverend Polly Lumens, a dark sky activist. "People are missing the signs of heaven in front of their eyes," she adds.

The activists want folks to dim lights, set timers, and observe light discipline. They want city streetlights to go dark after one minute when no movement is detected. A goal is so people in the hearts of big cities can catch glimpses of the Milky Way Galaxy, or the dome over which covers the Earth say some.   ●   Click to Close

You may.. find likable satire.

Bigfoot — Uptick in Sightings

More Bigfoot sightings in Oregon are being reported. The uptick in numbers is a response to more folks out alone with data service on forest trails, getting out of towns. Statistics suggest individuals see things.   Read More - Bigfoot Uptick

  Polls taken at hiking path trailheads reveal a growing “sole walk” trend, where a person visits the woods to avoid crowds and gets some fresh air. Often, they are breaking in new boots and sandals. Walks alone in nature can reduce stress say experts.

“It is no wonder that with smart phones off that one sees unfamiliar stuff out on the trails,” explains Eve Higgins, an Oregon guide specializing in hunts for Bigfoot and hidden caves. “The locals are used to it so they don’t report sightings as much as do visitors,” Eve offered while biting into a fresh Oregon apple.   ▪  Click to Close


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