Jackpot Winners Face Music

Lottery winners owe money to a music company. An Iowa couple, winners of $69 million lottery jackpot now fight an old battle with reps for music artists.   Read More - Winners Face Music

The day before the couple was to file bankruptcy for debts, including an old judgment against them as song stealing penalty fines, they found out they were now multi-millionaires!

At the lottery jackpot ceremony, the Iowa couple was told that a record company filed a lien against their winnings.   "Gosh, the money came in the nick of time. But, we have lot of bills to pay before we can enjoy it," said winner Ann Jones.

Once upon a time, the music industry saw how Napster, a song sharing platform put free music online. They did not like it. For them, it was letting a genie escape out of the bottle. It can be hard to put one back in it’s bottle.

So, the musicians filed lawsuits against deadbeat music thieves back in the old Internet days. They now lurk like collection agency hawks ready to swoop in and snag jackpots and windfalls of song stealers, now able to pay the old fines.

People owe big fines from being caught uploading MP3 music files. In the wild days of the early Internet, folks would swap songs free and easily like they would casual sex partners, throwing caution to the wind.

Pay what you owe in life when possible. "They can now pay those recording artists they had cheated on like lovers," says a music industry expert.

"Record companies watch for inheritances and good luck fortunes in order to pounce and demand payment if you still owe them one penny," added the expert.   ◆   Click to Close

Cops frown on green thumbs

  A 65 year-old told the Drug & Booze Agency (DBA) she did not know it was illegal to grow big quantities of cannabis without a permit.   The DBA Cops took Agnes Arber in for questions.   See More - Green Thumbs

  When released, she found TV crews camped outside her home. "Gosh, a reporter explained how DBA cop ghouls confiscated my plants. I don’t think $500,000 was the street value," claims the green thumb spinster.

  Allegedly, Agnes sold plants to a fake hemp broker to use as twine in artisanal macramé designs.   The plants are now in the DBA storage center and may be used as evidence against her in a court of law.

  Agnes is charged with unlicensed cannabis cultivation and faces up to one year in the slammer.   She hopes for just a small fine and a slap on the wrist since she likes to keep busy making quilts and weaving.   ●   Click to Close

You may.. find likable satire.

Bigfoot — Uptick in Sightings

More Bigfoot sightings in Oregon are being reported. The uptick in numbers is a response to more folks out alone with data service on forest trails, getting out of towns. Statistics suggest individuals see things.   Read More - Bigfoot Uptick

  Polls taken at hiking path trailheads reveal a growing “sole walk” trend, where a person visits the woods to avoid crowds and gets some fresh air. Often, they are breaking in new boots and sandals. Walks alone in nature can reduce stress say experts.

“It is no wonder that with smart phones off that one sees unfamiliar stuff out on the trails,” explains Eve Higgins, an Oregon guide specializing in hunts for Bigfoot and hidden caves. “The locals are used to it so they don’t report sightings as much as do visitors,” Eve offered while biting into a fresh Oregon apple.   ▪  Click to Close


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