One goofy protester at an anti-5G rally holds a sign that says, "Aliens Took JFK," clearly in spite of the common belief of muddy evidence to the contrary.   See More - Aliens & JFK

When asked, Joe Bourne of Salem, Ohio admits, "I am raising awareness about alien abductions." Space aliens reportedly take lots of children reports a smart, well-placed insider.

Many (the abductees) claim to have received under the skin implants. "We get tracked by the devices." Joe adds, "It is how cosmic lords spy on us."

Protesters Carry Signs

Folks do not realize how aliens (and governments) can keep easy-peasy tabs on earthlings. It is thought that RFID nanotech fibers spread via chem-trails in the sky. "It gets on and then grows inside of you like germs," he states.

Science fiction writers suggest that wireless 5g signals activate tracking devices. Planes, drones, and drive-by vehicles send signals to high tech fibers on your skin.

"So, the public asks me about the JFK gimmick and I tell them about the harm from the 5g wireless soul cages," Joe smiles.   Click to Close

Cops frown on green thumbs

  A 65 year-old told the Drug & Booze Agency (DBA) she did not know it was illegal to grow big quantities of cannabis without a permit.   The DBA Cops took Agnes Arber in for questions.   See More - Green Thumbs

  When released, she found TV crews camped outside her home. "Gosh, a reporter explained how DBA cop ghouls confiscated my plants. I don’t think $500,000 was the street value," claims the green thumb spinster.

  Allegedly, Agnes sold plants to a fake hemp broker to use as twine in artisanal macramé designs.   The plants are now in the DBA storage center and may be used as evidence against her in a court of law.

  Agnes is charged with unlicensed cannabis cultivation and faces up to one year in the slammer.   She hopes for just a small fine and a slap on the wrist since she likes to keep busy making quilts and weaving.   ●   Click to Close

Humor.. like beauty
Requires cognition.

Alien Screams Shocker!

The prospect of alien abduction is not only the subject of science fiction books and magazines. A psychologist studies people who claim to be "abductees." Dr. Iverson at the Helsinki University (HELU) confirms it is a real problem.   Read More - Alien Screams

  "More people now complain about being kidnapped by aliens while asleep in bed," he says.

  Iverson released an mp3 audio recording with the horrifying stories of patients who under hypnosis recall vivid and distressing encounters. The stories are told in Finnish and an English version should soon be available in time for holiday gift giving.

  The screams are from memories caused by the un-Godly implants and painful probes that aliens must have put into the captive abductees.   ▪  Click to Close


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