The poor have more fun in bed
A controversial report disagrees with an official study that suggests rich people sleep better than poor people and is largely being ignored.   Accordingly, new research proves poor people sleep better than rich unhappy elites.   More Sleep

A Texas sleep center did a study and found that the poor sleep better and have nice dreams.   For the study, the center put cameras over beds for the 2016 to 2020 to observe sleep habits of 690 volunteers.   It now makes the amazing results public.

John Lennon wrote about sleep.

Psych Techs reviewed 69,000 hours of bedroom goings on and saw clear answers to the query "how do you sleep?"   Of note, John Lennon asked such a question in a song title after the Beatles breakup.

Volunteer bedroom video study participants, 55% who are considered to be poor, "toss and turn" less in the night.   In comparison, the restless rich experience "sleep disturbance" and take more trips to the toilet and stay awake longer.

Bedrooms are very active and not equally fun.   Low light cameras saw more smiles on poor faces than was seen on rich mugs (faces).   The poor laugh in their sleep more, while the sad rich groan, thrash about, and yell as if from nightmares.

Puigcerdà - Fonda Cerdanya -
Clear camera view of bedroom.

Pitiful elites have more lies and secrets to hide.   Such facts, all of which if true cause them to have to sleep around problems.   It is easy how they can pay bucks and dough to put their problems on the back burner, which haunt them later.

The poor have fewer office politics and business issues. Factors that contribute to the better quality of life on poverty row may be due to extended families and loving friends. Enjoy life and sleep better say sleep psych techs.

For a good life, health and luck, before bed, learn to relax say experts.   They (experts) say it is better to fall asleep with a glad heart.   Forgive those who trespass against you before pillow talk and lights out.   ◆   Click to Close

Comet Tells of END Times!

  Comets now days warn how end times are upon humankind claims Pastor Dick Eioh of Orono, Maine. Dick hosts a bible decipher webinar group. Groups meet weekly by invitation only.  See More - Comet Scare

  A master stained-glass artist and part-time pastor urges, "Say your prayers, and fast." His shtick is that our life adventure is a garden where we sow and grow spirits.

  Pastor Dick, as his so-called friends call him, is a graduate of the Anti-Divinity University (ADU). The ADU school focuses on "heaven on earth" and afterlife theology.

  An anonymous "official" suggests, "Groups that warn of dire consequences and poor outcomes should be ignored." People do not have time to ponder eternity.   ●   Click to Close

You may.. find likable satire.

Bigfoot — Uptick in Sightings

More Bigfoot sightings in Oregon are being reported. The uptick in numbers is a response to more folks out alone with data service on forest trails, getting out of towns. Statistics suggest individuals see things.   Read More - Bigfoot Uptick

  Polls taken at hiking path trailheads reveal a growing “sole walk” trend, where a person visits the woods to avoid crowds and gets some fresh air. Often, they are breaking in new boots and sandals. Walks alone in nature can reduce stress say experts.

“It is no wonder that with smart phones off that one sees unfamiliar stuff out on the trails,” explains Eve Higgins, an Oregon guide specializing in hunts for Bigfoot and hidden caves. “The locals are used to it so they don’t report sightings as much as do visitors,” Eve offered while biting into a fresh Oregon apple.   ▪  Click to Close


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