One goofy protester at an anti-5G rally holds a sign that says, "Aliens Took JFK," clearly in spite of the common belief of muddy evidence to the contrary.   See More - Aliens & JFK

When asked, Joe Bourne of Salem, Ohio admits, "I am raising awareness about alien abductions." Space aliens reportedly take lots of children reports a smart, well-placed insider.

Many (the abductees) claim to have received under the skin implants. "We get tracked by the devices." Joe adds, "It is how cosmic lords spy on us."

Protesters Carry Signs

Folks do not realize how aliens (and governments) can keep easy-peasy tabs on earthlings. It is thought that RFID nanotech fibers spread via chem-trails in the sky. "It gets on and then grows inside of you like germs," he states.

Science fiction writers suggest that wireless 5g signals activate tracking devices. Planes, drones, and drive-by vehicles send signals to high tech fibers on your skin.

"So, the public asks me about the JFK gimmick and I tell them about the harm from the 5g wireless soul cages," Joe smiles.   Click to Close

Light Pollution Problems

Lots of money goes to pay for streetlights and yard lamps. It turns naturally dark, storytelling nights, into overexposed revelations of crass real estate projects, private schools, and empty shopping centers. See More - Pollution

It truly lights up the hell people mistakenly think this life represents. Ancient peoples, including our Native American families, worshiped the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.   Even the three wise men in bible times in the Arabian territory, wisely followed the lights under dark night covers.

Street Lights
Street lamps overnight the night sky.

Astrologers know how to read the messages, and not everyone listens. The dark skies initiative wants to darken things up a bit. "It will put the heavenly lights on our minds again," says Reverend Polly Lumens, a dark sky activist. "People are missing the signs of heaven in front of their eyes," she adds.

The activists want folks to dim lights, set timers, and observe light discipline. They want city streetlights to go dark after one minute when no movement is detected. A goal is so people in the hearts of big cities can catch glimpses of the Milky Way Galaxy, or the dome over which covers the Earth say some.   ●   Click to Close

Do your best.. to keep your wits.

Mad English Cows

Cow bites are on the increase.   A United Kingdom (England) report shows that cows are more aggressive. Underway is a study of the effects of cramped living quarters on the living.
See More - Mad Cows

  Unrest is rising among animals on farms. Factory farmers tell veterinarians that cows get violent. One dairymaid (worker) reveals that in alarming frequency, the cows kick and step on dairymaids.

  "Cattle were once nice," says Tillie Hale of Oxshire, a town near London. "It is changing. I don't grasp how! Now, brown cows, especially the Swiss Brown dairy cows bite," she explains.

  Animals experience and react to stress. To boost milk production, 100 cows were added to the warehouse farm where she works. Officials deny a link between more milk and mad cows.

  As city dwellers that live in "cage" apartments seek green space and room to stretch, they expect next, the best treatment for farm critters. Country living with happy cows and free-range chickens is popular again.   ▪   Click to Close


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